DIY Eggcellent Easter Eggmoji’s

If you’re going to be making some Easter crafts this year, why not make some styrofoam emoji Easter eggs! These cuties were created by Carissa, who suggests we use styrofoam eggs instead of real eggs. Psstt… That’s because she’s a mom and hates wasting food but loves using craft paint and markers to decorate!
Now, gather up your kiddos or your friends, it’s time to have yourselves an eggcellent eggmoji party. For real.

You’ll Need:


Dollar Store Craft Supplies

2 packages of Styrofoam Easter Eggs at $1.25 each

1 paint tray $1.25

1 packages of assorted paint brushes $3.00

Yellow Craft Paint $2.00

Assorted paint colors $3.00

Black Sharpie $1.25

Total: Roughly $12.50 with tax




Cover your surface area with newspaper

Squirt some of the yellow paint into your painter’s tray

Using a medium-sized flat brush, color the eggs with the yellow paint



Let the paint dry (roughly 10 minutes)

Apply a second coat

Let dry for another 10 minutes



Start with your black Sharpie and create the solid black spaces on each emoji –

NOTE: leave blank space to paint the tongue red and teeth white on the two eggmoji’s seen above.

Open your red, baby blue and white assorted paint colors

Using 3 small paintbrushes from your assorted brush pack, paint the red tongue, heart eyes and heart kiss with one brush.

With a separate brush paint the white eyes and white teeth.

With the third brush paint on the blue teardrops.



Let your eggcellent creation dry overnight and in the morning your eggies will look like this!


Have an eggcellent Easter everyone!

A TREEmendous Christmas Craft

Sometimes, it’s nice to share our thoughts and feelings of gratitude and appreciation and write them down on paper. It just serves to reinforce those feelings and make them more tangible. What better way to celebrate 2016 than to sit back with your family and remember those moments that truly made you smile.

Today I’m going to take one of those moments and show you how to use them to create a Gratitude Christmas Tree Tag so that you can remember just how great 2016 was before it’s all over!

Gratitude Christmas Tree Tag



  • Construction or regular white paper
  • Scissors
  • Markers, Crayons or Pencil Crayons
  • Black Sharpie
  • Ribbon, Thread or String



1. Print the prepared christmas-tree-tag

2. Cut out each tag and use a hole punch to punch out the star on the top of the Christmas tree

3. Tie your ribbon, string or thread lightly through the centre as to not tear the paper

4. Ask your spouse, child/children to colour their tag whichever colour they wish

5. Ask your family to write on the tag (with the black sharpie) what they are most grateful for this year

5. Repeat this process if they have several things that they’re grateful for

6. Finally, hang them on your Christmas tree!



Voila! The Gratitude Christmas Tree Tags are great conversation starters with your family and your guests.