3 Reasons Writing is Medicine for your Mind

Whenever you feel mentally and emotionally exhausted, writing down the things that bother you will help you structure your thoughts and bring you clarity and peace.

Journaling can help you express gratitude and appreciation, for both successes and for failures. It assists you in examining emotional toxicity, and exploring your difficult emotions and getting to the root of what causes them, empowering you to explore your future goals and possible obstacles you may face, including feelings and emotions that may prevent you from achieving them.

Here are a few techniques people can use while writing to structure their thoughts and reduce their anxiety:

  1. Writing is an Effective Mindfulness Technique

Writing for just 20 minutes a day can help your mental health, it teaches you to be in the moment and acknowledge your feelings. This is called “mindful writing”, aimed at helping people learn how to pause and free their mind by focusing on things that are going on at a particular moment.

The benefit of writing and mindfulness is that they both help you concentrate on one thing and completely open your mind from other stuff that may be bothering you and occupying valuable space in your mind. Practicing them every day will help you understand your actions and behaviors better, but will also relieve your anxiety.

  1. Writing Increases your Emotional Intelligence

Unacknowledged emotions can lead to depression. However, writing can help you manage depression.

Emotional intelligence can be learned, and writing is one of the possible tools to exercise it. Writing allows you to describe a particular event or a thing that you’re observing at the moment and prepares you to replace the old negative emotion with something different.

  1. Writing gives you Mental Freedom

Sometimes thoughts, feelings, and emotions overfill our minds and create anxiety. What your mind needs at this point is a tool, like a traffic light, to bring some consistency and structure to your thoughts.

Other times you need a different kind of tool to completely remove some dysfunctional thoughts from your head so they don’t bother you anymore.  The trick when writing is not to be afraid to confront yourself and acknowledge when you’re judging yourself way too harshly or feeling dissatisfied with your actions. This will help you learn how to let go of situations that bother you and free your mind from distracting thoughts.

Writing is just another no-cost, creative way to improve your mental health. Spending just 20 minutes every day, writing- will help ease your anxiety, align your thoughts and emotions, and bring you peace.

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