30-Day Habit Challenge Journal

What is a “Habit Journal”?

The Habit Journal is your power tool to live your life with intention and de-clutter your day-to-day to achieve your dreams. The design of the notebook makes forming habits more effective.

After filling out the first page with your monthly body, mind and work goals a few journal prompts follow to help you stay in your habit-forming zone.

  • Today I Am Feeling
  • Today I Am Going To
  • Today I am Looking Forward To
  • My Affirmation for Today

To start your journaling habit all you have to do is write your answers for the days that follow and jot down a few words each day. Once the month is complete, you can look back on 31 beautiful journal entries. The entire experience is designed to make journaling so easy that you can’t help but do it each day.

Download the Journal and Start Building Healthy Habits Today!