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How to Recognize Feelings of Anxiety and Panic

Understanding what anxiety and panic feel like when you’ve never experienced either can be a difficult task. The COVID-19 threat is shrouded in uncertainty, from global economic concerns to worries about your physical health and the health of those you love, people are experiencing new, and compounding types of stress; and people with an existing […]

COVID-19 Boredom Busters

Fun Things You Can Do While Practicing Physical Distancing. It’s a difficult time for everyone, and we know the good people of Saskatchewan are avoiding large crowds at shopping centers and self-isolating from family and friends to protect their health and the health of their loved ones. But fresh air is good for you, too, […]

Caring for your mental health

We want you to take care of your mental health while practicing physical distancing during the COVID-19 Pandemic; so we’ve compiled some ways to help you stay emotionally and mentally healthy over this period.   Quarantine and self-isolation can negatively impact and increase symptoms of depression and anxiety and the mental health implications of this […]

Budgeting Help

If you have found yourself out of work or have been forced to close your locally owned business it’s imperative to focus on, and monitor your income and spending habits and actively cut back where you can. If you fall into that category and are starting to rely on emergency savings to get through this […]

Funding and Support for Regina’s Most Vulnerable

FUNDING AND SUPPORT Family Service Regina is working hard to support the community through adversity. We are determined to fulfill our mission and strengthen individuals, families and our community through responsive leadership and innovative programs. Though we have found new ways to support the people we serve while remaining socially distant, the COVID-19 is already […]