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40 Self-Care Ideas- When Your World Seems Chaotic

Have a good, long, body-shaking cry Call a friend or family member and talk it out Book a session with a counsellor Take a mental health day When you’re going through life’s trials and tribulations, soften your expectations of yourself and others Curl with good book and a freshly laundered fleece blanket Head to Mackenzie […]

5 tips to improve your child’s emotional well-being

  Negative self-talk is a huge problem for people of all ages. This thinking often begins in childhood. Children are receiving constant messages that they are not good enough. Many children get “stuck” in thinking this way from hearing negative messages about themselves and their abilities. They then repeat these messages to themselves over and […]

Overcome Shame and Restore Your Self-Esteem

We’ve all felt shame. It’s that feeling when you want to tuck yourself into a tight little ball, pull the blanket over your head and just disappear. You are a bad person who is unworthy and unlovable. Shame feels like you’ve done something wrong- so wrong that it affects your self-esteem and you begin to […]

Three workouts guaranteed to make you feel like a hero!

New year, new goals, new workouts, new you! This is the perfect time to experiment and find something new, exciting and healthy to totally dominate 2017. Getting fit can be fun and shouldn’t be a financial burden. Maybe you’ll even find your resolution easier to stick to it if isn’t costing you a fortune. The […]

Make 2017 Your Best Year!

To get started, buy yourself a pretty notebook and write down the steps below. This way, you’re able to hold yourself accountable. 1. Reflect on 2016 Your experiences from 2016 can help you create an amazing 2017, but you have to be willing to evaluate your experiences and work on your own personal development. To evaluate […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We would like to wish you a safe & peaceful holiday and new year and thank you for helping us build resilient and empowered communities. Thank you for helping raise awareness of the services we provide and our fundraising events like  JukeBox Mania and The Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women by sharing our tweets and Facebook posts. […]

Thank you for supporting #GivingTuesdayCA

Thank you for supporting Family Service Regina on #GivingTuesdayCA, November 29, 2016. We are extremely thankful for our partnership with the Regina Police Service and for everyone who has donated to Family Service Regina during our social media blitz #TogetherWeCan be #UNSELFIE campaign. Together, we raised $2258. That means 18 children traumatized by domestic violence will receive […]

Giving Tuesday

November 29, 2016 is #GivingTuesdayCA To help us spread the word, create your own #GivingTuesdayCA #UNselfie Sign!   STEP 1: CHOOSE AND PRINT ONE OF THE THREE SIGNS.   DOMESTIC VIOLENCE        TEENPREGNANCY        COUNSELLING STEP 2: WRITE YOUR OWN MESSAGE & TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOUR CUSTOM SIGN.   STEP […]