Meet the Team – Laura McCusker

Hello there. This is my first blog post on our fancy new website! Actually, this is my first blog post ever.

I immediately volunteered to write something up for our new Blog because writing is my “thing”. I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about what I do at Family Service Regina . I’m one of the Domestic Violence Workers, and we get asked a lot “well, what do you do?” or “what can you do for me?”

My role on the team is Domestic Violence Court Caseworker and most of my clients have a partner or ex-partner facing charges in the specialized court. We offer support, updates on the court process, among other things. The possibilities are endless. Our work is client-focused and our tasks change daily to accommodate to the needs of our clients. Our clients are unique, as is the work we do.

A big part of it is helping people find their own strength. That’s different for every person. Take me for example. Like I said, writing is my “thing”. From a very young age, writing has been my outlet. I can be quite an introverted person who has a hard time speaking about my feelings, so I have always used writing to cope. If we think hard, we each have something unique we use to cope with stress and things that are possibly out of our control. We all have special talents and a toolbox of coping mechanisms.

If you have experienced violence, the DV team is here to help . We are here to listen, to assist where we can and provide resources as your journey continues. And it will continue. And it will get better.

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” -Christian D. Larson

When she's not supporting victims of violence, Laura enjoys other interests such as hawking 50/50 tickets.

When she’s not supporting victims of violence, Laura enjoys other interests such as hawking 50/50 tickets.


About Laura
I started at Family Service Regina in the Domestic Violence Unit just over a year ago. It was about 4 years ago that I first heard of this unit and what they do to help people in the community. I knew this was something I wanted to do. Since graduating from university in 2012, I have dedicated my life to helping others. I am a helper by nature. I will admit that this line of work can be challenging at times, but I love my job. Every day I get to speak with strong, courageous people who have overcome difficult situations.
(More about this in a future blog post about how my clients inspire me).