Nourish your Body and Mind

Our new COVID-19 reality has been hectic and our daily routines can be mundane, but practicing self-care is important and can benefit our mental, emotional, and physical health. Taking care of ourselves is often overlooked even though it’s the key to improved mood and reduced anxiety.

Self-care should never be considered as a selfish act; in fact, if we don’t put ourselves first, we won’t be able to take care of others properly.

There are a lot of things you can do in order to feel good. Finding activities to create relaxation and joy can be a fantastic way to reconnect with yourself, keeping your spirit grounded during an uncertain time.

Taking a bubble bath at least one time per week should be your reward for all the hard work you do. If you find your body feels a bit stiff from sitting all day in front of a computer screen or being confined in a small space, the relaxed atmosphere of a bath, accompanied by the delicious smell of your favorite bath bomb, is actually a great stimulant to your system.

Researchers say that those who bathe for at least 10 minutes immediately decrease their fatigue, stress, and pain, plus they smiled more and saw improvements in their overall health and skin.

So whether you use bath bombs, Epsom salt, body foam, body wash, bath milk, or essential oils, there’s no doubt that bubble baths are the ultimate indulgence.

Reclaim your time, nourish your body and mind.

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