“It’s amazing how words could do that, just shred your

insides apart and convince you that you’re worthless.”

He controlled everything – where I went, who I could see, what I spent. It didn’t happen all at once, he was sweet in the beginning but I should have seen the red flags. He was jealous of my friends and the amount of time I spent with my family.

I had to be gentle with myself and reach out for help. I had to stop listening to his voice in the back of my head- putting me down and start telling myself that I was a good person, deserving of good things. God was that hard. It’s still hard but it’s become easier.

After I left, the first step I took to rebuilding my life was making the decision to get a post-secondary education. I’ve made new friends, good friends, and I’m studying what I love so I can live my life doing what I love to do. I chose this for me because I determine my worth.”

– Aaliyah, 22.

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