With Covid-19 on the rise Families may find themselves in close quarters for extended periods of time. This can create stress, tension, and feelings of isolation or fear. That’s why the staff at Family Service Regina are still working, even if it doesn’t look the same right now, we are committed to those who may become even more vulnerable and at risk during this time of encouraged isolation.

Though we may not have someone in the office, we are not closed. Our phones, ability to connect virtually or in the or in the most serious of situations- in person, are as open as they’ve ever been.

If you need support making a safety plan to escape your current situation, the infographic below can be a great start but please, call us and we can help.

This blog post was created as part of our response to the Covid-19 pandemic. For more information about our response, including changes to our service delivery and other resources, please visit: https://familyserviceregina.com/covid19-a-message-from-the-ceo/