Stalking/Criminal Harassment


Stalking, which is also called criminal harassment, is a pattern of behaviour that can have devastating consequences for victims. While sometimes stalking is carried out by a stranger or casual acquaintance, it is often a continuation intimate partner violence after the relationship has ended. Those who engage in criminal harassment behaviours may be attempting to control a former partner.

Stalking is illegal. According to Section 264 of the Criminal Code of Canada, criminal harassment can involve repeatedly following, communicating with, watching, and/or threatening a person either directly or through someone a person knows. Part of establishing the pattern of criminal harassment for the purpose of charges is that the victim fears for their own safety or the safety of someone they know

Examples of Stalking

Here are some examples of stalking behaviour. It’s often hard to identify at first, but trust your instincts and get help if you are being stalked.
  • The person appears wherever you are
  • The person parks nearby your home, workplace, or other location where you are and sits in the vehicle
  • Texts, emails, phone calls or visits continue even when you ask them to stop
  • Your friends, family and acquaintances are contacted by the person, who asks questions or spreads information about you
  • There is evidence that the person has been around, such as notes or objects left

Criminal harassment varies widely in the range of harassers, victims, motives, methods, and settings. One thing that is common is that victims often have difficulty convincing others that their situation is harassing and frightening, let alone criminal.

If you need help because of someone who is repeatedly contacting or intimidating you, contact Family Service Regina Domestic Violence Unit at 306-757-6675.

We have information available for both professionals and victims who would like more information on stalking. Please click on the PDF links below for more information.

Information for Victims and Professionals:

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