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Family Service Regina Newsletter

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2022 AGM

2022 Annual General Meeting Announcements

30 Day Habit Challenge

The Habit Journal is your power tool to live your life with intention. Download a free copy, today!

Anger Management

It is normal for everyone to be angry at times. But if a person feels angry most of the time, or their temper flares up quickly and often, then anger could be a problem.

Talking to your child about tragedy

When a tragedy occurs, parents are faced with an added challenge; answering tough questions from their children about what happened.

Kayla Hubick – Creantiques

Kayla Hubick, owner of Creantiques has launched a fundraiser during domestic violence awareness month.

Program Spotlight: Insight – Emmy’s Story

Emmy, a teacher and mother who has been attending “Insight” – a support group for survivors of domestic violence says that the group “saved her life.”

Connecting Saskatchewan to Mental Health Supports

Rapid Access Counselling is a free, immediate, accessible form of brief counselling. The services are provided by qualified counsellors.

Coffee with a Counsellor: Understanding Domestic Violence

Coffee with a Counsellor: Understanding Domestic Violence.

Coffee with a Counsellor: Youth, Marginalization and the impact of Covid-19.

Coffee with a Counsellor: Exploring populations at disproportionate risk in public health emergencies.