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40 Self-Care Ideas- When Your World Seems Chaotic

  1. Have a good, long, body-shaking cry
  2. Call a friend or family member and talk it out
  3. Book a session with a counsellor
  4. Take a mental health day
  5. When you’re going through life’s trials and tribulations, soften your expectations of yourself and others
  6. Curl with good book and a freshly laundered fleece blanket
  7. Head to Mackenzie Art Gallery and take in some really gorgeous pieces of art
  8. Head outside into the sunshine for a nature walk, I recommend Wascana Valley Trails
  9. Turn on some upbeat tunes and get your body moving!
  10. Take a long, hot bath, light a candle and pamper yourself
  11. Write, knit, paint, sculpt, cook, bake. Engage your hands!
  12. Exhaust yourself physically – Go for a run, try some yoga, swim, whatever helps you feel fatigued
  13. Create a list of 10 of things you’ve overcome and accomplished
  14. Create a list of 10 reasons why you’re an awesome and loveable person
  15. Create a list of 10 things that make your life beautiful
  16. Clean up a room in your house, sometimes tidying up can help calm and clear our heads
  17. Go out and be around others. You don’t have to engage, but find a quiet corner in a coffee shop and soak up the humanity around you.
  18. Buy yourself some flowers
  19. Volunteer with a local non-profit, like Family Service Regina to assist with planning an event or pet the puppies at Regina Humane Society or become a foster parent to a Rescue Dog
  20. Spend a few hours in a bookstore and read some spiritual literature
  21. Scream, pound pillows, tear up paper, shake your body to move the energy out
  22. Take a long drive down some dirt roads
  23. Eat your favorite, most comforting foods
  24. Go to a church or spiritual community service
  25. Fantasize about what you’re hoping or longing for. There are clues and energy in your reveries and daydreams that are worth paying attention to
  26. Listen to some calm and relaxing sounds to soothe you
  27. Buy and colour in an adult coloring book
  28. Revisit an old hobby, try your hand at things you used to enjoy and see where that leads you
  29. Put down the self-help books and pick up some good old fashioned fiction
  30. Remind yourself: Your only job right now is to put one foot in front of the other
  31. Get dirty. If you have a garden, do some gardening. Learn more about horticulture during events at Regina Horticulture Society
  32. Seek help. Whether it’s through Counselling Services, visiting a psychiatrist or a Clergy- let those trained to support you do it
  33. Educate yourself about what you’re going through. Learn about what you’re facing, what you can expect to feel, and how you can support yourself during this time
  34. Establish a routine. Routines can bring comfort and ground you during the times that feel chaotic or out of control
  35. Get up early and watch a sunrise or head outside in the evening and watch the sunset
  36. Make your own list of self-soothing activities that engage all five of your senses
  37. Accompany a friend or family member while they run errands
  38. Try a new restaurant and order something you’ve never had
  39. Pray. Meditate. Write a letter to God/The Universe/Source/Your Higher-Self, whatever you believe in.
  40. As much as you can, please try and trust the process.


Finally,  remember, what you’re going through right now is temporary. It may not feel like that from your perspective right now, but this too shall pass.

Three workouts guaranteed to make you feel like a hero!

New year, new goals, new workouts, new you! This is the perfect time to experiment and find something new, exciting and healthy to totally dominate 2017.

Getting fit can be fun and shouldn’t be a financial burden. Maybe you’ll even find your resolution easier to stick to it if isn’t costing you a fortune. The perfect workout is one that’s actually do-able and manages to make you feel like a hero in the meantime.

Read on for our top three tips…

1. 5km Run/Walk


Surprisingly there are quite a few run/walks in Regina that are not only designed to gently build up your stamina and get you used to getting out and running, but that also charge a small participation fee which is generally donated back to a local charity.

We really recommend the Shoppers Drug Mart- Run for Women which supports Family Service Regina’s mental health programs. You can sign up for the 5km or 10km run/walk and get your kids involved in the Little Steps 1km for girls and boys under the age of 12.

Register with your kids, a group of friends, your co-workers and you’ll have a day of awesome inspiration and activity!

You can find more upcoming Run/Walk’s by visiting the Running Room.


2. YouTube your workouts!


YouTube is full of really great free exercise programs, like, Jillian Michaels: 30 day shred and Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meldown. Both of these programs come highly recommended (I’ve tried them myself) and they do deliver what is promised if you stick to the regime, and trust me, she has no qualms telling you that in her videos.



3. There’s an App for that.



Now that we’re stuck in the deep freeze that is Saskatchewan, forget searching for Pokemon on a beautiful summers eve.

Your cell phone can actually help you get fit for free! There are tons of fitness apps that can help you get into shape and stay there.

The best app for you depends on your goals, but my favorites include MyFitnessPal , which helps you track your calorie intake and exercise, and the 30 Day Fitness Challenge, which helps you fit workouts into your life and stay motivated.