We Care About Our Community

Mental health impacts everyone at some point in their life. Abusive relationships are often hidden. Young parents are navigating discrimination and barriers to their success. Individuals and families dealing with adversities and challenges are everywhere in our community. Those facing these challenges may be a family member or friend. They may be your next-door neighbor. They all deserve our help.

Family Service Regina is helping. Whether it is providing support to a teenage mom managing adult responsibilities, providing counselling services to a family struggling with challenging circumstances, or advocating for victims of domestic violence to have their voices heard in the criminal justice system, our ambition is to help those in need. We give support and offer hope so people can realize and create new possibilities. We help people in our community address the root causes of their predicaments and provide strategies they need to build a better future for themselves, their families, and their community. With your support, Family Service Regina will continue to make changes in our community.

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