We Care About Our Community

At Family Service Regina, we know that everyone faces mental health challenges at some point. Abuse and discrimination affect many, including young parents in our community. Families dealing with tough times might be right next door. They all deserve our support.

We’re here to make a difference at Family Service Regina. Whether it’s helping a teen mom handle adult responsibilities, providing counseling for families facing tough situations, or advocating for domestic violence victims in the justice system, our goal is to assist those in need. We offer support, bring hope, and empower people to see new possibilities. Our focus is on tackling the root causes of challenges and giving individuals and families the tools to build a better future.

With your generous support, Family Service Regina will keep making positive changes in our community. Please consider donating today to help us create a safer, more inclusive, and vibrant community for everyone.

Your donation really does make an impact.
It’s your generosity like yours that empowers our organization to continue to help Regina’s most vulnerable people find strength and hope.

With Your Gift, You Support:

Young Parent Program – coming alonside with emotional and practical support through the whole range of challenges young parents face. A large part of this program is school partnership, helping young parents finish their education to pave the way for brighter futures for themselves and their children.

Domestic Violence Services – helps victims of abuse to face the situation, plan for safety, find strength and healing and choose their own path. In addition to individualized support, we provide groups for victims and information to support prevention and intervention.

Individual and Family Counselling – to support people navigating rough waters in their lives. To respond to various needs, we provide walk-in counselling at various libraries around the city, as well as by appointment. This helps ensure that people have access regardless of financial means.

Older Adult Response Service – offers proactive support to seniors who are experiencing neglect or abuse. Through home visits, advocacy and flexible practical supports, we stand respectfully by seniors who are physically, emotionally, or financially vulnerable.

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